Get the same actionable trade ideas that the world’s smartest investors use to beat the market.

Countach Research delivers you the investment ideas to enhance your portfolio, better understand global markets, be first in disruptive sectors, and become a more profitable investor.

“True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information” Winston Churchill

There's 24/7 financial TV, tens of thousands of analysts, and hundreds of research services, but most of them are no more insightful than your average NYC Uber driver.

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This is where Countach Research comes in. We cut through the noise of today's data maelstrom to deliver you our selection of the most pertinent, the most accurate, and the most insightful investment ideas and market analysis every week.

Bill Gates was right when he said that "being flooded with information doesn't mean we have the right information."

Now you finally have the right information. You'll now have the insights that can make you more money with much less risk. This is the information that you always needed.

What you’ll get as a client

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80+ trade ideas per year

Each monthly report is accompanied by a niche industry analysis with 3-6 recommendations on how best to gain exposure to that trend.

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The training to make you a better investor

With decades of experience, and a track record of success, we have developed non-conventional methods to analyze companies better and manage an investment account.

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Read the same research that I’m reading

I’ll share my favorite research that I’ve been reading lately. These can be impossible-to-access fund letters, premium research, academic works, and lots of other unique thought pieces.

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Instant access to our customized member platform

Upon registration, you will receive your login data by email. You will have 24/7 access to our custom subscribers’ platform, on which you’ll get the latest research, insights, and education.

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18 individual stock recommendations reports per year.

These are highly in-depth research reports with a clear thesis based on an exceptionally favorable risk-reward opportunity.

Where Our Readers Work

When you join Countach Research, you are in great company.

Thousands of successful investors have joined our family. Together, we simplify their research process, provide actionable ideas for investing, strengthen their subject knowledge, and of course, help them earn higher returns.

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information based on a survey of subscribers.
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The difference it makes for you

Most research firms started as a research business. These firms live off of their subscribers. Countach Research started out by supporting a personal investment fund that took up a lot of research efforts. We started publishing this research as we made the investment into the research either way.

You should ask yourself: do you want your information from someone who needs more readers to make more money or the person who needs to be right to make any money?

Countach Research vs. the Rest of the Industry

Skin in the game

Most research services never invest in what they recommend. They make money regardless of the quality of their ideas. Not at Countach Research; we personally invest in every recommendation.

Easy to understand

You won’t have to read endless Wall Street jargon and excel models. We explain the ideas in simple English so that anyone can understand them. The highly in-depth stuff just comes as an extra resource.

No one guru

We don’t market a single all-knowing guru. Instead, Countach Research works with some of the smartest investors around the world, who (mostly anonymously) share their ideas, and then we develop a thesis for you. Unusual, but better.

The #1 best guarantee

Didn't fall in love with the research? No problem. Just send us a message within 14 days, and your money is sent back to you within 24 hours.. We’ll keep it very simple: either you love it, or it won’t cost you a dime.

Join Countach Research

At Countach, we base our service upon three core principles

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It is comprehensive

You’ll read precisely that which you need to know, and nothing less than that. Your time is valuable, and we won’t waste a minute of it that’s not necessary. As a client, you get comprehensive reports based on thorough research and in-depth market knowledge.

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It is actionable

Every report has crystal-clear actionable ideas that you can immediately execute. Individual reports provide a thesis on one specific company or asset, and general reports give you multiple actionable ideas that match the risk and exposure that you want to take.

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It is affordable

You only pay one annual fee that’s fairly priced for the service quality. Anyone can join. We trust that you will love our service so much that you’re actually going to be eager for more services that you can pay for. We’d rather be in business with exceptionally happy lifetime customers.

This is how it works

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Sign Up

At the bottom of this page, you can choose to join Countach Research. Upon completion of registration, you will receive an email that includes your username, password, and the link from where you can access your membership platform.

As you’ll see later, we have both the fairest pricing in the business, as well as the best consumer protection. We never store your payment information and/or sell/share your information with others. The safety of your information always comes first.

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Content Delivery

Your first option is to access the membership platform, which is available online 24/7. On there you can find the latest research that has been uploaded. You can use the contact form to request specific research as well. If the request is popular or interesting enough, we probably will cover it.

You will also receive an email with every new piece of content that is being uploaded. This way you can conveniently read everything from your mobile phone without having to access the website.

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Lifetime Access Option

Most research services work on an annual subscription. That makes sense. We have gone a different route, and occassionally offer a one-time payment for lifetime access. We believe that you will love our service so much that you’d be eager to pay for future services from us.

It’s in your benefit not to have any future recurring cost. We want you to build and maintain a portfolio for decades to come, without having to get charged a fee year after year. There’s no extra cost to us for having you with us another year, so we just pass on these cost savings to you.

Note: this option is not available right now.

We know what is needed

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We research to invest, not to write. Our performance and our clients seem to agree that this is the right approach.

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Our team is made up of experienced investors,

We don’t have a single guru that can predict it all. Countach Research is a team of full-time investors with an invaluable network. We share our best ideas and develop a thesis for both you and us to work with.

Our network of investors include hedge fund managers, institutional portfolio managers, private investors, and a few analysts. We don’t care as much about background, as we do about the depth of market understanding and the ability to develop a thesis. We don’t care about becoming the famous research shop with all the marketing gimmicks around it. We prefer to stay lean and effective. No wastage, no bias, no misunderstanding. Just clear, concise, high quality information that can be levered to your advantage.

Who this is right for

Countach Research is not for everyone. Some people just refuse to take a disciplined approach to their investing. When emotion comes in play, it never ends up well. This is why we ask that you accept the following three rules:

You need to be open-minded. We provide you with insights that you won’t find elsewhere, and sometimes they go against the grain. You need an open mind to internalize the ideas.

You need to be comfortable with risk. We recommend both lower and higher risk investments, but if you invest in them, you need to have the mental strength to not let volatility get to your mind.

You need to be responsible. The money you invest might be for your retirement or the future of your kids. We respect that, but we want you to respect it as well by never going all-in on one idea only.

If you plan to use the stock market to grow long-term wealth, we invite you to join Countach Research today.

Take this moment to make one of the most critical decisions in your life: Are you a serious investor that wants to secure a strong financial position, or do you wish to take out your playing cards and gamble on a few more long-shots. The choice is yours.

CEO statement

Thank you for reading this page up to here. In the age of brief attention spans, I am thankful that you have taken the effort to learn about how Countach Research works.

Our company has taken a great risk to go with this new approach. The financial analysis industry is traditionally known for its famous gurus and expensive subscriptions. Maybe that’s why the reputation of our industry might be the worst it has ever been.

We aim to differ ourselves by three core principles that are virtually non-existent in our industry.

At first, we understand that once you are a customer, there are no significant ongoing costs for us. This enables us to offer you lifetime access without any recurring fees. You’ll be investing all your life, and we want to be with you for much longer than a 12-month period. We want to be your trusted source of investment analysis for decades to come.

Second of all, we do not focus on a single guru. That’s a popular strategy for short-lived services. We aim to have the smartest and most interesting investors around the world sharing their ideas. Whether they do so with their name attached or anonymously does not matter. If you read the content, you will appreciate the quality.

Lastly, we care about your privacy. We do not save your billing information to secretly charge more (it sure has happened to you before…) We will never sell your data, nor do anything that could harm you. We have 24/7 security on our website to protect the platform that you will be a member of.

Our full 100% guarantee

The guarantee is simple; either you love our service, or you get back every dime. We don’t have any special requirements to get a refund, just a simple email will do it. You have 14 days to request a refund, but we usually won’t hassle you if you take a day or two more. The only thing that matters is you loving the quality of our work.

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It’s a $1,200
per year membership, the best value investment you can make.

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Frequently asked questions

No. We do not charge setup or maintenance fees, or any other kind of fee. Once you’re a member, you get everything included.

This is not a build-and-exit company. We are actively building a larger company around this service, thereby intending to keep this service active for your entire investing lifetime.

We publish the report of the flagship service once a month. Other niche research subscriptions will have individual publishing schedules. We will continuously post updates for members according to market activity.

Yes. We have a technical support staff available 6 days a week. Any investment/analysis related questions will be automatically forwarded to the individual who’s best equipped to answer that question for you. As writing diligent responses is fairly time-consuming, we kindly ask to limit your emails to questions that are not answerable with a quick Google search. As a paid member, you also get WhatsApp access for instant communication.

Yes. If you want to provide access to more employees, please click here to send us an email. Based on the amount of subscriptions that you need; we will dynamically discount the price.

In most cases the service is tax-deductible. Please advise your accountant for a correct answer.

Please check your spam folder and mark the emails as personal. After that, please add our sending address to your address book.

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