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Benzinga Reviews Countach Research

Financial news site Benzinga recently reviewed The Alpha Advisory service from Countach Research, and has provided it with a 4.5-star rating. Read the article here.

IBM: Can It Get Its Groove Back?

Tobias gave his opinion on the execution of the strategic vision by the newly appointed CEO, following the recent spin-off of IBM’s managed infrastructure business. Read the article here.

WeWork IPO Postponement

Tobias discusses the key characteristics that stop WeWork from being valued as a tech company. Read the article here.

One COVID-19 Stock I'm Buying

Tobias wrote an article on March 2020, at the start of the pandemic, to inform readers about the upcoming rise of Teladoc’s virtual healthcare, shortly before a triple-digit gain in the stock. Read the article here.

A Bullish Indicator For Crypto ETF's

In the midst of the Crypto Winter, Tobias explains why he thinks a Bitcoin ETF is imminent. Read the article here.

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