Certified testimonials

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Countach Research consistently turns complex investment decisions into simple and obvious actions. It’s the only company I never again want to invest without. David S. Arlington, USA
I’ve tried about every single paid newsletter and research since the 80’s, and Countach Research so far has the best ideas with the best explanations. Stuart S. Paradise Valley, AZ
This is worth 100x what they charge. If they’d charge that much, I’d still pay. Richard G. Greenwich, USA
In terms of idea generation, Countach provided exactly what my team needed. Unique and attractive opportunities nonstop. I don’t know how they do it. Excellent service. Steven A. New York City, USA
30 Minutes a week. That is all it took me these years to read the reports and do my own extra research. My portfolio is doing amazing. I could not be any happier. Luca P. Turin, Italy
My boss got access to CR for the entire floor. We often end up discussing the ideas from CR in our meetings. They are the smartest research company I have read until today. I invested in 3 of their HK-listed ideas last year that all outperformed the benchmark by 131%, 288% and 329% in the past 19 months. Zhongxi W. Hong Kong, China